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Stayhomz The Plapally Estate Bungalow
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The Evergreen Estate Bungalow Owned by the “Pulickals “ the Bungalow is a place you are very much in the Rubber Country just under 40 minutes off N H 220 AT Mundakyam – Koottickal further up towards surrounding hills of Plapally - Yendayar . The bungalow was maintained by the owners who are generous and wealthy nature lovers who were into plantations fron 1940s .The bungalow is on a piece of land with forest- like growth of vegetation and thick under growth over looking the Hills in a thin mist shrouded valley.

Set on a mild hill in the midst of five acres of primodial splendour ,the bungalow is built in a style that is the common functional houses traditional to kerala , seen on many estates opened by the native planters in the 1920s .Steeply piched tiled roofs to a spreading layout of roomsa and Verandhas with teak panelled ceiling and thick walls of fine masonary .

The gracious verandhas on wooden pillars and the usage of many windows gives an airy feel to home as we enjoy a book or a cup of vegetable Soup which is a speciality of the house. The timbered and thick walled structure is rimmed with broad ledges were you can enjoy great views The deep valley below plunge into a stream which roars in the monsoons .Just enjoy the Rain drench the whole valley and make you slip into a laid back mood and enojoy the destination The trees and plants fringing the compound which over grow on to the thich compound wall built unobtusivly will hold you in a rare experience of being in a plantation of the native planters .

Your enthusiastic host is Mr Saijan Pulickan and his family are into eco friendly farming practises and is a keen collector of medicinal plants , special local plants and many rare flowering plants.

The area experience a salubrious climate all through out the year with an average 25degree temperature.

Plapally estate is believed to have been cleared by the 1910 on a land purched from the poonjar chiefs K.V.Kurian Pottamkulam (my Great Grand Father) with the support of a group of local farming community from the neighbouring plains of Eratupettah opened up and planted some parts of it with pepper and Tea ,and tropical crops .The first works on the bungalow is said to have done in 1929 by him and compleated by his son K K Varkey on his demise in 1932. The World slump from the 1930s delayed further developments .

Further development of the estate were compleated by the late K.K. Varkey pottamkulam (my grand father ).right through the time of the great depression as he planted rubber .The World War changed fortunes and the estate was well established by the 1940s.

The estate changed hands in 1953 and there after majority of the acerage was converted to rubber.

The buiding is under the heritage list of properties under Diamond homestay category with eco friendly rating in Eco Kerala Scheme .

The tree house on a mango tree is a an ideal place to enjoy the cool breeze and the vistas around .

The drive through the surrounding windy roads offer views of lush green plantations , forests, Tribal settlements , riveulets ,Teak plantations which can be done any time of the day. . There is naturalspring water swimming pool besides the garden is a place you can enjoy some time under the sun.

There is an ancient tribal temple called Surakkattu Sastha Temple , which is tucked in valley isolated just along the estate boundary built by the Hill arayan’s trides in the 17Th century.The Graveyard of J.J.Murphy is along the way to the bungalow ,further down is the Kutikul Estate for the rubber enthusiasts to have look into its processing and the Thalumkal Temple .For serious trekkers the Muthukora peak can be a day out on to the hills.
Three bedrooms offered are comfortable and spacious having perod furniture and fittings wih modern Bathrooms

Food Services
The food is a combination of dishes from the traditional cooking adopted from theLocal Christian specialities and we offer barbeques on request. Tradiational Kerala Meal with 21 curries on Bananan leaf is also an experience to cherish.

• Laundry for guests staying for two nights
• Car provided for railway/bus station drop/pick-up, and for local tours
• Guides, on request
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